[vc_row 0=””][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=””]We only appoint the best, most committed and inspiring staff into our Crew. They are all fully-trained, qualified and have enhanced DBS certificates. All our Crew Staff complete a comprehensive staff-training programme that includes supervision of children, child protection, first aid, fire procedures and equipment safety.

Chain of Command

We understand the importance of quality of staff in delivering the best holiday activity camps. That is why we are proud of our development hierarchy, where staff improve their knowledge year-after-year when they return to the Crew. It also supplies a chain of command for issues to be dealt with so you know as parents that you always have somebody to speak to.

  • Crew Leaders look after a single course at each venue. They are typically experienced qualified teachers, sports coaches or dance instructors. They will be your first port of call to speak to regarding your child’s time spent at camp.
  • Camp Managers look after the running of a single venue ensuring the smooth operation of all courses. Great people to speak to if you need to report an absence, payment information, mention medical information, add on breakfast clubs or late stay or any other enquiry. Please ask for the Camp Managers telephone number at morning registration if you need to contact during the day.
  • Camp Directors. If you have any sensitive questions or booking enquiries then do not hesitate to contact the Captains of the Crew. Phone Dave Kitt on 07799 538413.


All Leaders and Managers are required to attend our management development programme and all staff undertake our interview, reference, clearance and training process that covers essentials such as supervision, child protection and first aid. Staff must have an up to date Criminal Records Bureau Enhanced Disclosure (now DBS certificate).

Staffing Supervision

The safety and supervision of children is paramount. Staff will be vigilant to the supervision of children at all times. The following procedures will be followed:

Playground cover

Staff will be on a rota for taking register or covering playground duties from 8.30 am.
Staff allocated to duty in the playground are responsible for ensuring that children are using the equipment safely.
8.30am onwards is a particularly busy time as children are dropped off. Staff in the playground should ensure that children who have already been dropped off are not able to leave the facility.

All staff should be aware of the exit points in the playground. Staff should check that parents entering or leaving the playground close the gate behind them.
Staff should remain particularly vigilant during break times and lunch times when they are on duty. A rota will be provided.

The register will be taken at the beginning and end of every activity by the Play Leader who has responsibility for the group.

The registers will be kept on the registration table, and will be easily accessible in the event of a fire.

Supervision during activities

The Course Leader who has responsibility for running the activity will be responsible for supervision of the children throughout the session. Staff should refer to any special instructions for each activity which are identified in the Health and Safety Policy.

Meet the Team

At each Course Reception we have a “Staff on Duty” board, that displays the team of staff in charge of that course. Useful for parents and children to see who is in charge and remember those surnames!


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