A multi-activity course for GIRLS & BOYS (7 – 12yrs).

All children are welcome to test themselves by diving into loads of fantastic fun activities!  Our ‘full-on’ mix of sports, adventurous activities and games is designed for our most active Crew Members, who need to be active, stimulated and challenged

… But Kids, can you handle over 30 activities all crammed into one week? When was the last time you made and launched your own rocket? Ran a water gauntlet? Learnt how to fire a rifle or shoot an arrow? How many BMX bike challenges will your team conquer this school holiday? How many assault courses can you deal with? Dodgeball, benchball, Kinball, softball, football, Kwick Cricket, Uni hoc – it never ends!! … so kids …you think the this camp sound tough?… it is… we are… but are you?”

Warning to parents – This is a very active camp – children will want to go to bed early at night (!!)

Older & younger groups courses may be joined-up for many group activities, but separated at certain times when there are age-specific challenges on the timetable.

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