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Five Courses on Offer

A course for everyone
KitCrew has identified and designed 5 challenging courses to provide the best camp experience. Choice should not necessarily be all about age range, we have some flexibility. Take a look at the courses we have on offer and ask your children which one they would prefer.

Flexible choices for 7 year olds
It’s a quite a big jump from the ‘Little Munchkins’ camp to either ‘Only Girls Aloud!’ or ‘Kool-Kidz’. Some 7 year olds are ready to make the change, but some need a bit longer. You know your children much better than we do – so we’ll let you decide. We can always move then up (or back down) during the week. Have a look at the timetables online. Maybe have a chat with your 7 year olds. Please feel free to call us for chat. Mobile 07494 321697

Find out more info on each course by clicking the links below:


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