Little Munchkins (5 to 6yr olds)

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All about the Course

A course designed by Primary School teachers and Early Years Specialists for our youngest Crew Members. We are Ofsted Compulsory Register registered which means we accept all children in Year 1 and up (child must be 6 by the end of the current academic year – 31st August).

Located in a secure and safe environment with soft play areas and resources to inspire learning and development. Stories, Arts & Crafts, Sports Days, Parachute Games, Treasure Hunts and so much more!!


…a different theme each week and a chance to perform on stage in front of Mum and Dad on the Friday afternoon!

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KC-LM-Boy-Indian“Ok! So you’re gonna be a Munchkin… You think you’re going to get it easy this summer? Well think again! Munchkins get a full-on week of arts and crafts, sports and activities, stories and games. Everyone plays team games every day. We play in the woods, make models, cook and draw pictures to take home… and we get some welcome quiet time. And I can’t wait to get to bed at night at the end of my Munchkin day – tomorrow can’t come soon enough for me!”

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