New to KitCrew? Not to worry, you have 100% Money Back Guarantee


Here’s how it works

If you’re still not sure about joining KitCrew Camps this year and you haven’t been to us before we have a special promise. Your child can come to camp, meet the FUN staff and try the awesome activities…. and if after the first day they don’t love it, let us know and we’ll try even harder. Give us a second chance as we have techniques and strategies we can deploy to ensure your child has a fab time. If your child still isn’t enjoying their time with us and doesn’t want to come back after the second day, we’ll be really disappointed, but we’ll happily refund you all your money back and also a £10 voucher to try again another year!


Terms & Conditions

  • Only applicable to new customers. Not available to existing customers.
  • Money back guarantee is only available on Week long bookings (Monday – Friday). Not applicable to individual day bookings.
  • You must write to us via email ( the evening of the first Monday providing reasons why your child hasn’t enjoyed their time at camp, so we can put it right the second day.
  • Child must return for the full second day of the week to be eligible for refund.