Developing Children

Children don’t learn from adults – they copy them.

Everytime we as adults encounter children we are presented with an opportunity to play a positive influence.  What adults say, when we say it, why we say it and how we say it are all by heard & remembered by children – not just the words we use. KitCrew Camps staff are not perfect role models – but at least we are aware of the necessity of being a good role model every single time we encounter children in our care.  Although the emphasis of KitCrew Camps is to keep children active through sports and outdoor pursuits, it is important to emphasise that there are many more than just ‘physical’ benefits from a KitCrew Camps.  We offer strategies to develop and improve children’s ‘emotional’, ‘intellectual’ and ‘social’ skills.  At KitCrew Camps all children will enjoy the continual reinforcement of respect, empathy and teamwork, meanwhile we will endeavour to develop children’s awareness of themselves, their levels of confidence and self-esteem.

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