Going Green

Tell me I’ll forget – show me I’ll remember – Involve me I’ll understand.

Most of our activities take place outside, in the woods, on sports fields or within the school grounds.  A child’s week at KitCrew is likely to be most time they spend outdoors – so what better time than to explore the world about us?  We have commissioned a specialist Zoologist to design a ‘forest-school’ approach for all our camps.  By spending five minutes here and there studying an ants nest, watching a buzzard or looking at the leaf patterns of an oak tree, KitCrew leaders will continually take the opportunity to stop and teach the children about the environment in which we live and the impact we are having upon the lives of all the plants and animals with which we share the world.  Hopefully with this contribution to ecological issues we can help to develop a child’s understanding that nature is all around them and its their responsibility to protect it for the future of us all.

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