Healthy & Active

Fun, Active and Educational.

For most adults, going to the gym is a ‘necessary evil’ because we all eat and drink too much.  Children do not have this mind-set, they will only exercise because they want to, not because they are told to, nor because they appreciate the healthy benefits of working-out.  With the current child obesity crisis, we should all play our part in keeping children as active and healthy as possible. KitCrew timetables are designed to keep kids ‘busy, happy & good’ – to provide easy, fun and exciting activities that will engage children.  As a ‘side-effect’ children will be active and healthy for many hours each day because they are enjoying themselves.  Given the responsibility we as adults have to the children in our care, KitCrew Camps are surprised that other holiday camp providers are offering Supermario video games, remote cars, nerf guns and Scalextrics as ‘activities’.  For 20 years KitCrew Camps have offered fun, active and educational holidays camps. The children on a KitCrew Camp will be playing outside, taking part, running around and getting out-of-breath – we believe it is now more important than ever that we stay loyal to these principles.

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