Old school approach

The more things change the more they stay the same.

KitCrew Camps has been successfully providing holiday camps for over 20 years.  In all this time we have been loyal to our principles of ‘Respect and Order’.  This ‘old school’ approach may seem slightly alien to some children and may also appear outdated as schools (both primary and secondary) seem ever-more relaxed about the failing levels of respect children show to those responsible for their development and welfare.  KitCrew Camps believe that in order to safely enjoy their time in our care, all children need to be able to listen to – and then safely follow instructions.  We believe all children have a responsibility to respect not only our staff, but also the other children on camp.  Perhaps these days insisting on ‘respect & order’ is seen by some as ‘old school’, however these are the foundations upon which KitCrew Camps was built and we are reluctant to compromise on these principles.

Air rifle instruction
Archery instruction
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