“The only people who care about the name of your business are you and your mum.”

Dave Kitt is the owner of KitCrew Camps.  The name KitCrew arose as it was clear that the business was formed with Dave’s vision and energy and everyone was welcome to join the crew. Under normal circumstances a business that creates widgets, or sells insurance can trade under any name they like. But KitCrew is unlike any another business. We are in the business of caring for children – the single most important and magical things that exist in the world. Our business is to take your children into our care and provide a safe, healthy, stimulating and education environment for them everyday. The decision to choose a suitable carer for their children is one of the most serious considerations a parent can make.  As the director and owner of Kitcrew Camps, Dave Kitt will be at Kesgrave camp everyday (all day) to personally oversee the welfare of your children.  Perhaps we should rephrase the saying … “The only people who care about the name of your business are you, your mum and all the parents who have placed their children in your care.”

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