Preparing for Camp


Preparing for Camp

Before coming to camp, you’ll need to complete the online booking process which should have highlighted any additional needs, allergies, medical details or other things in general we need to be aware of. We require as much information as possible, so please ensure you tell us about all the important safety and welfare information about your child and make sure you’ve given us the correct emergency contact details. Please read through all of the sections below to ensure your child is suitably prepared for our School Holiday camps. If you’re not sure then pack it anyway. We have plenty of storage space.



For those early-starters we’ll be open at 7:30am so you’ve got plenty of time to get to work. We provide your children with something to do and something to eat (a selection of various Breakfast bars, apple or raisins).  ALL EARLY STARTS report to the sports hall.

Cost: £5 per day or discounted to £20 for the whole week.  No need to advance book, simply pick and choose what days you require and pay at morning registration.

Morning Registration (8:30 – 9:30am)

You can drop your child off at 8:30am (but not before). Please make sure you arrive before 9.30am at the latest so we can register your child in time for activities. At morning registration we can sort out all Early Starts, Late Stays, Lunches and medical/additional needs.

Lunchtime (12:30 – 1:30pm)

Please make arrangements each day for your child’s packed lunch. Pack plenty of fluid! If you need to pick your child up before the dedicated collection time then please try to organise this for lunchtime.

Collection (4:30 – 5:00pm)

Please collect your child between 4:30 – 5:00pm each day.  Little Munchkins will need to be signed out by an authorised person. At morning registration please let us know your arrangements for collection of 5 & 6 year olds.  All other age groups do not need to be signed out.

If you are working late, relax with the added flexibility of Late Stay! We’ve arranged some more structured activities for our late stay children. Either an art and craft activity or a fun game like rounders or football will keep your children happy until you can collect them at the end of the day. We also provide a snack to keep energy levels high!

Cost: £5 per day or £20 for the whole week.  No need to advance book, simply pick and choose what days you require and pay at morning registration.


Your child will need the following

  • A packed lunch (and a snack for break time)
  • A water bottle
  • Suitable clothing for sports activities such as T-shirt, tracksuit or shorts
  • A change of clothes (just in case)
  • Trainers or shoes suitable for general sports activities
  • Sun cream and a hat or cap when the weather is warm
  • Swimming stuff (costume & towel for Ipswich High School, Shenfield High School & Colchester venues only!)
  • Waterproofs in case it rains

They won’t need:

  • Sports equipment
  • Money
  • Cameras
  • Mobile phones, Computer Games, MP3 players or other devices
  • Valuable watches or jewellery


Some venues provide swimming pool facilities (Ipswich High School, Shenfield High School & Colchester venues only!) that means children have the option of going swimming as an activity. All swimming activities are staffed by qualified lifeguards. Deep ends and shallow ends will be sectioned off to allow swimmers of all abilities to go into the pool. If your child wants to swim then please provide suitable swimming kit, including costume, towel, and swimming hat & goggles if required. If your child isn’t tall enough to stand comfortably in the shallow end the lifeguard may deem they are too short to swim. Please provide flotation devices (arm bands/suits etc.) if required.


Please make sure that you’ve told us of anything that your child needs to ensure they enjoy their time at camp. Any medication, allergies or illness must be brought to our attention at morning registration.


If there is any possibility of sunburn or sunstroke, please ensure that the children wear adequate protection i.e. hat and high factor sun cream. Ideally, all-day protection should be used on young children so that there is less need for them to re-apply during the day.
Children must have enough to drink for the whole day. If your child has a named water bottle this can be refilled with drinking water throughout the day. When the weather is particularly cold or wet children will remain in the indoor activity areas for some of the time, but please also pack waterproofs.


If you need to contact your child during camp, call/text/email your venue’s Camp Managers contact details.

Alternatively call our office number on 07494 321697  and we will contact the Camp Manager on your behalf if you are struggling to get through. We understand that in certain circumstances, you might want to contact your child by mobile phone. Due to the possibility of phones being lost, stolen or damaged, we prefer children to leave their phones at home, however if brought to camp, we do ask that they use them for emergencies only. 3G/4G will need to be disabled as we have a strictly no internet access policy while at camp. Children carrying a mobile phone do so at their own risk and the Camp Manager should be informed.


Due to the nature of the activities, we recommend that your children do not wear their best or most expensive clothing for camp. We can’t guarantee the return of lost property, but we endeavour to return items that are clearly labelled with your child’s full name. If items are not collected while at camp, lost property will be taken back to our office base and kept for 1 month after camp.


We are not able to provide refrigeration for food. Please ensure packed lunches and snacks are stored in suitably insulated containers.


If you have enrolled your child on to our Crew Trainee course (13-16yrs) then please read the following additional notes:

  • Please arrive at the sports hall every morning for registration. DO NOT go straight to your chosen course area!
  • There you will meet your Crew Mentor who will be your leader for your duration of your stay. This is the person you can ask for any guidance or raise any problems with. Every morning they will set you tasks for the day and check your development journal.
  • You need to be “ticked in” and “ticked out” every day on the register.
  • On your first day you will be provided with a Crew Trainee t-shirt uniform to wear. Please also bring warm clothes to go underneath t-shirt, jumper/hoodie & waterproof incase of bad weather.
  • You will also be supplied a name badge that will be written for you.
  • On your last day of camp make sure to bring a spare change of top as we will require you uniform t-shirt and name badge handed back in to your Trainee Mentor. Upon receipt of these you will get your journal signed off and completed and issued your certificate of working accreditation.
  • Please bring packed lunch everyday.
  • Do not bring swimming kit as Crew Trainees do not go swimming.
  • If you have one please wear a wristwatch for time keeping purposes. (Digital if you have one)
  • Make sure to get plenty of rest the night before! You will be learning plenty in a fun environment!


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