Tom Cats (10 – 12yrs)


All about the Course

For BOYS and GIRLS looking to test themselves by diving into loads of activities! Sports, outdoor and adventurous games for Crew Members, who need to be active, stimulated and challenged!

…teams compete in tournaments throughout the week to see what team comes out on top! Are you ready for this and much, much more?

KC-TomCats“Yo dude! Out-grown kids activity camps? Finding the long summer holidays boring? Growing up, getting bigger and getting better? Me too, so I want a bigger and better challenges! And I want to do it with kids of my own age! At the Tom Cats camp we’re growing into adults so we want to be treated like adults. And… (we promise) we’ll act like adults in return. There’s the deal so let’s go…

Still think the school holidays are going to be boring? Well think again! The Tom Cats are growing up.”


Typical Tom Cats Weekly Timetable

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  1. Timetable can vary from venue to venue depending on facilities
  2. If the venue has a swimming pool facility available we endeavour to allow every child to swim everyday
  3. Woodland games and den construction only available with venues with adjacent woodlands
  4. We aim to deliver one team sports tournament (activities in blue), one Beano (purple), one premium (orange) and one adventurous activity (green) per day. Activities are subject to change due to adverse weather conditions.
  5. Football, Basketball, Garden Game and Quiet Areas are offered as choices every morning during Early Start, Drop-off and at Lunch-time.
  6. Extra indoor activity provided during Late Stay
  7. This is an indication of a typical timetable and activities will not be delivered in this order. Premium activities (in gold) will be roaming between venues, so please check back for up-to-date info for what days they will be arriving at your venue


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