[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]KitCrew Camps works closely with schools to provide convienient local venues with outstanding facilties and the best Camp experiences!  Working with prestigious schools ensures we provide fun, active & educational Camps taking place in safe & supportive environments.  We locate at schools that have good transport links and accessable car parking to make drop-offs and collections as easy as possible.

One of our key objectives is to contribute to a school’s community cohesion, whereby we offer school holiday courses to prospective pupils & students from within the community catchment area. We provide a chance to ‘showcase’ the school’s facilties to local families. We positively contribute to a community’s social development by providing an association of ‘Crew’ membership and providing job opportunities for applicants from a variety of different ages groups.

Our business continues to expand:  We are always looking further afield for suitable schools in alternative areas. If you know of any school that may be interested in bringing KitCrew Camps to its children, parents and communities please email us on

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